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Arte della tavola. E allora… tango!

47 pensieri su “Arte della tavola. E allora… tango!”

  1. Bravissima! bella, soprattutto il tema, molto suggestivo!❤ il piattino con la damina anche mia mamma aveva un servizio dolce fac simile 😍

  2. Donna, when you use words like passion, sensual, ignite…..and suggest a tango dance, you’ve certainly gotten my attention. Then, to see the sharp contrast of that unique black & white cloth with red petals between the end-to-end place settings….well, let’s just say I can imagine a very seductive visual! I love the tango dance, and it quite special to dance it and see it danced. Beautiful table to spark flames!

  3. Donna, I love this table. The contrast of the black and white with the red is quite stunning. I have seen the tango danced on the streets of Buenos Aires, and it is beautiful to watch! I would love to take a virtual seat at your romantic table!🌹🌹🌹

  4. This is very romantic and beautiful! Love the use of the two plates with a masculine and feminine theme. I enjoy seeing the tango performed. It’s such a romantic and passionate dance and your table combined the colors and passion together beautifully! 🌹❤️🌹

  5. Donna, such a passionate table setting. Love, love the tablecloth and color palette — especially using the black and white. Well done, as always.

  6. Very creative, sensual and magical! Love the idea of the distance between his and her place settings, sparking the romantic anticipation! I also love the black and white pattern mix, the intriguing vintage plates, and that incredible red stemware! Very dramatic and lovely!

  7. I love your descriptive tale of your table! I have to agree that the magic of the tango has been achieved!!
    Your passionate give and take of male and female accents mirror the dance. I love all the pattern mixing in the table cloth and napkins. The tiny red heart on top of the napkins and the rose petals are the perfect added touches. Beautiful Post!!

  8. Grazie, mi hai dato ottimi spunti, mai pensato alle due estremità del tavolo come gioco di sguardi e distanza che crea attesa. Farò proprio così 😍

  9. So romantic Donna….and I love to tango and you know it takes two to tango and what fun that can be. I think I fell in love with tango in thee move Scent of a Woman….wow and your tablescape is lovely. The black and white and splash of red is perfect. Love it. Kari @ Me and My Captain

  10. Hi Donna, I love your mixture of patterns and with the touch of single rose whispers romance. Your table certainly spells out intimacy and coziness.

  11. I could almost hear the tango music playing! This is a beautiful combination of patterns and textures. What a lovely table and thanks for the visual delight.

  12. Affascinante…c’è da aspettarsi che dall’altro lato del tavolo si alzi Al Pacino, per invitarci ad imparare il tango con lui, come in “Scent of a woman”: la scena di tango che mi ha più ammaliata (nonostante questo ballo fino ad allora non fosse tra i miei preferiti). Hai ricreato perfettamente un’atmosfera sospesa di complicità e di attesa! Splendido il contrasto tra il bianco/nero ed il rosso,specie i meravigliosi bicchieri!

  13. Oh my, your words combined with your photos, the styling of your table, it is all so sensual. I think you did an amazing job of carrying through the tango theme. Those wine glasses!! Oh, the fluidity of the stems on them is as if two are dancing the tango as one! BRAVO! Thank you so much for joining in another tablescape blog hop! It is talented stylists like you who make these hops such a joy.

  14. Donna, your table is truly romantic. The patterns work beautifully.The red looks gorgeous. I love watching dancers do the tango, truly sexy and romantic.

  15. Donna, love the tango inspiration! It definitely is a romantic dance for Valentine’s Day. Those martini glasses are stunning. Using different plates for his and her is a cool idea.

  16. Donna, your black, red, white and silver color scheme is very romantic and perfect for Valentines Day. I love the vintage transferware plates and how you chose them for their masculine and feminine characteristics. They look perfect against your multi pattern black and white tablecloth. Happy Valentines Day!

  17. Donna, your table is both beautiful and romantic…the perfect setting for Valentine’s day. I love the touch of adding the pretty rose petals. It has been so much fun being on this hop with you!

  18. Donna, this table Would be perfect romantic dinner for two. I love how you’ve layered pattern and color. My eye was instantly drawn to the tiny felt hearts atop the napkins – such a small detail makes a huge impact! So fun hopping with you again! Happy Valentine’s Day

  19. Donna, I love your table and how it tells the story of the Tango! I have recently suggested to my husband that we take dance lessons, and he didn’t say no!! Your use of long lines in the table cloth really draws your eye along the table. And, your wine glasses are so pretty!

  20. Such a beautiful, romantic table! I love the colors and patterns you chose. I’m so happy to be on this blog hop with you!

  21. A beautifully written post highlighting the lovely tablescape you have created! Black, red and white are so classic and elegant for Valentine’s Day. I love your dishes too!

    So happy to join you on this hop. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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